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Oxford Litigation Consulting offers highly sophisticated, data-driven analysis and expert testimony to financial institutions, corporations, public bodies, SMEs, and private individuals, which seek to understand and solve complex issues in the areas of litigation, finance, regulation, compliance, competition, and risk management.

In the context of litigation, clients may either approach us once they are involved in an ongoing or impending dispute, or in advance to be prepared for possible scenarios they anticipate. We advise both clients raising and defending a (possible) claim.

Oxford Litigation Consulting is a boutique consultancy that is part of Oxford Intelligence Lab Ltd. and as such leverages a world-class network of experts in both academia and industry to solve its cases and provide expert testimony to be used in court and bilateral negotiations. While our typical clients are from the U.K., Germany, and the U.S., we are a global firm offering our services worldwide.

Within the realm of Litigation and Economic Consulting, our team excels in the following areas of competence:

Big Data Processing
Expert Reports

Many cases involve huge amounts of data in printed or digital form. We are proficient at importing, digitalising, handling, and analysing such data by using the industry-grade database technologies, cloud computing and our custom-made tools.

We have a large experience in financial and statistical modelling and are able to either adjust an existing model to your use case or manufacture one from scratch, depending on the requirements and complexities of the matter at hand. 

We determine the value of many kinds of financial, real, and intangible assets, including complex financial products (options, warrants, hybrid securities), patents, company agreements, and property rights. In doing so, we may resort to valuation by comparables, discounted cash flows or simulations.

Our experts produce professional reports that explain the subject matter and analysis results in clear, non-technical terms. These are tailored to your needs and to the audience they will be presented to.

Why us?

  • A team with strong analytical and quantitative skills, including a notable expertise in econometrics, quantitative finance, data analytics, and programming, and a very high level of understanding of financial, economic, and business matters.

  • Expert reports are presented in a non-technical accessible way.

  • Resorting to us may be more cost-effective than mobilising such resources within your organisation.

  • Team of highest academic standing with notable industry experience

  • Vast network of external experts in academia and industry

  • Highest confidentiality

  • Independent, unbiased, and objective


You are a...


We are a litigation and economic consultancy addressing a broad range of topics for our clients as detailed below.




We made it our mission to apply academic rigour, objectivity, industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art analysis to effectively support our clients and provide them with comprehensive advice on a wide range of litigation matters. We provide unique, tailored solutions to meet the specific demands of each assignment. Our approaches are innovative and data-driven and we work in a distinctive collaboration with a broad, interdisciplinary network of experts from industry and academics from leading universities. 


Our team is young, diverse, interdisciplinary, and has backgrounds in economics, finance, mathematics, computer science, statistics, law, engineering, and data science.

We offer a full range of services covering a wide spectrum of topics related to litigation and expert testimony, finance, valuation, regulation, and data analytics.


Dr. René Lohrbach

René Lohrbach is a Managing Partner at Oxford Intelligence Lab Ltd. and Oxford Litigation Consulting. He founded a wide range of ventures in the field of consulting and ecommerce. He managed high-profile industrial projects in the Gulf region as well as in South East Asia. In terms of academics, he was a member of the research team "International Political Economy" of GAPS and is still active in teaching. During his doctoral studies, he analysed the quantitative impact of public sustainability programs on economies and business sectors.

René received a M.S. in  in Business Administration and a M.S. in Politics from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany as well as a M.S. in Economics of the University of Hagen. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University in 2008.

Board of Directors


Dr. Zoe Tsesmelidakis

Zoe Tsesmelidakis is Founder and Managing Partner of Oxford Intelligence Lab Ltd. and Oxford Litigation Consulting and an Associate Member of the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (OMI). She draws on an extensive experience in financial economics and regulation. Before joining she was a Research Manager in Financial Stability Strategy and Risk at the Bank of England. In her earlier academic career she has been a Junior Professor in Finance at the University of Münster (Germany), a Senior Research Fellow / Assistant Professor at OMI in the area of financial economics, and affiliated with Nuffield College and Saïd Business School, where she has been teaching Bachelor, Masters and MBA students. During her doctoral studies at Goethe University, Frankfurt, she investigated the impact of implicit government guarantees on the pricing of debt and conducted collaborative work with Robert C. Merton at MIT Sloan. Her work has been awarded several prizes.  

Zoe received a M.S. in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Finance from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.


Dr. Frederic Schweikhard

Frederic Schweikhard is a Managing Partner at Oxford Intelligence Lab Ltd. and Oxford Litigation Consulting. In this role, he draws on 10 years of experience advising banks on litigation matters. In his earlier career, he was a researcher at the Universities of Oxford, Frankfurt, and at MIT. During his time at the University of Oxford he worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance in the area of financial economics, and as a lecturer at Saïd Business School for M.B.A. and M.L.F. students. In his research, he examined the impact of government interventions during the 2008/09 financial crisis on the pricing of debt and conducted research with Robert C. Merton at MIT Sloan. His work has been awarded several prizes and been widely covered in the press. Besides his formal background in economics and finance, he is an IT expert and worked on two startups. Frederic holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.


Oxford Litigation Consulting is a part of the Oxford Intelligence Lab. Its members include economists, lawyers, and computer scientists educated at top universities. For a more detailed overview click here.



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